Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Teresa Post and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master,  Meditation Teacher and Life Coach. I am also an Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church.

I have been practicing Reiki since June 2006 and I became a Reiki Master in October 2006. My Reiki training began with Usui Reiki and has blossomed since then. My energetic and reiki training includes Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, Sacred Flames Reiki, Unicorn Energy Healing, Fairy Realms Reiki and Angel Reiki. 

I received an Associates Degree in Applied Science (2008) and obtained my state massage license after passing the national board certification test in Massage Therapy and Bodywork(2009). My education includes Thai Yoga Massage, basic acupressure, energy therapies,women's health, spirituality & healing, personal training, group exercise instruction and yoga. I am  certified in Raja Yoga and as a Mastery of Yoga Teacher.

I became a Certified Transformation Meditation Teacher in October 2009 and a Mastery of Meditation Teacher in June 2010. I have been practicing and enjoying the benefits of meditation for over fifteen years and I have been trained in various types of meditation

I became a Certified Life Coach in June 2011. I practice holistic life coaching which may include spiritual and wellness coaching.. My education includes a Diploma in Astrology and Parapsychology. Angel Card readings are also part of my practice and experience.

I am passionate about holistic health and wellness because I have used many of the techniques to better my own life. I have needed to improve my life and my outlook. I have a congenital condition of my hip that led to two herniated discs in my back. I have allergies to food, latex, chlorine, cleaning products and I have many chemical sensitivities. I have learned to treat my own back pain and headaches. I treat my allergies with medication but I also treat them by eliminating as many chemicals in my house as possible. I give myself reiki, I meditate, I coach myself, I balance my chakras, I consult with the angels & oracles. I do not offer a service that I have not experienced and believe in.

I am the Holistic Health Editor on BellaOnline. I have been the Rockford Haunted Places Examiner on Examiner.com and a Reiki Expert on Experts123. I have also just written my first novel. it is available on Amazon for Kindle.

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I hope you enjoy the website and visit often.

Peace, Namaste, Blessed Be

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